Why Your Clay Bar Obsession NEEDS This Appetizer


Why Your Clay Bar Obsession NEEDS This Appetizer

There is nothing sweeter than the silky, smooth surface of your vehicle. Are you clay-bar addicted, yet? We are! Most vehicles we see in our shop benefit from a clay bar treatment.

But before you go out and get your vehicle treated, slow down a moment and do yourself–and your vehicle–a BIG favor: schedule a machine polish to be done at the same time.

Every time a clay-bar is used without machine polishing beforehand,  micro-marring and paint abrading occurs. You cannot rub clay even with lubrication on the paint surface and without diminishing the clarity, reflection, and brightness in your clearcoat.

At Dangerous Curves Detailing, we do not apply clay bar unless the customer also books at least an enhancement polish. This way, we are sure the exterior surface is as pristine as possible!

We clay before applying ceramic coatings, paint sealants, or cleaning up rough paint surfaces. Waxing or coating without prior claying will leave a barrier between your product and paint surface, reducing the longevity and durability of the sealant.

So just why do we love clay bar services so much? Because they are excellent for over spray, tree rain, sap removal, spore removal, road grime, excessive bug splatter, and annual all-surface cleaning. But to get the most out of your clay bar service, book your polishing and clay bar treatments together.


Visit us and let us show you why we are clay bar treatment obsessed. And while you’re in the shop, let’s talk about how we can take your vehicle to the next level.