The Pros and Cons of Using an Automatic Car Wash


The Pros and Cons of Using an Automatic Car Wash

Greater Wilmington has no shortages on car washes. You build them, they will come.

Car washes are quick, they are convenient, you can stay in your car and scroll the internet.

You can purchase monthly plans and get a wash as often as you like for $20 month.

If you are not concerned about swirls, water spotting, and faded plastics then car washes are for you.

Within a year you will have at least a 30% reduction in your paint clarity, you will have swirls in your paint, and you will have hard water spotting.

Car washes use coarse cord and pads to make up the large rotating brushes. They are not washing your vehicle. They are whipping your vehicle’s bodywork. You can actually feel the car moving and shaking as it is whipped by high speed cords.

Yes, it can be repaired but usually with a starting cost of $600 and more to remove most swirls, reduce hard water spotting, and restore shine. Sometimes the clear coat is too damaged to repair. A professional repaint will cost $8,000 and upward.

It is your investment and you can choose how you maintain it. Just know the pros and cons.