Paintless Dent Repair


Paintless Dent Repair

What Is Paintless Dent Repair PDR?

Whether its called “paint-less,” “paint-free,” or “dentless,” the important point is that this method of dent repair enables you to keep your vehicle’s original paint finish.

PDR is a method of removing small dents and dings from the painted sheet metal panels of a vehicle using a specialized set of tools and techniques to carefully “massage” out the damage without affecting the paint.  PDR techniques are typically limited to repairs in which there has been no damage to the paint. PDR eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming traditional auto body work for small dents that almost every car has experienced.  We’ve all seen them, those small dings resulting from the impact of a wayward shopping cart or carelessly opened door in a parking lot.


Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

The most important benefit is quality. This method is the closest you can get to the dent never happening in the first place. No grinding, bondo, fillers, or primers are needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed. There are no problems with filler or paint shrinkage months after the repair as is typical with most body shop repairs.


Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair

Cost is also a major advantage of PDR. Repairs are typically between one-quarter to one-third the cost of conventional dent repair.

Time savings is yet another advantage. Many dents can be fixed in 1-4 hours. Hail damage is typically fixed in one day with PDR. A body shop may take 2-3 weeks for the same type of damage.


Environmental concerns are another benefit of PDR. Since this process keeps the original factory paint on your vehicle, there is no need for the paint, chemicals, or other toxins that are used extensively in body shops when repairing dents. PDR is 100% environmentally friendly.


Finding Quality Paintless Dent Repair technician

Unfortunately as of now, there are no licensing or performance standards for this industry. This is mostly due to PDR still being in the growing stages as a profession. Referrals are the best method. Dangerous Curves will provide you with real time customers who have used our PDR service. Our technicians are some of the best in South Eastern North Carolina.

Don’t pick a PDR technician by price

make sure you use a high quality PDR tech.


Are Paintless Dent Repair Dents 100% gone?

On minor dents, in most cases, yes. The deeper the dent, the more difficult it is to repair. Even on larger dents, most people are amazed at the results. Today’s factory paints are very flexible and will not be damaged in any way by this process. PDR is the only way to repair a dent and still keep your factory paint. Once a dent has been removed properly with PDR, it never comes back.


Can any dent be fixed?

No. The most important factors in determining if a dent can be repaired by PDR are depth and location. Dents the size of a dinner plate or larger can be fixed successfully, as long as they are not too deep. On the other hand, some dents that are as small as a dime but very deep, cannot be fixed using PDR because the metal is too stretched. Cracked paint can also be an indication that a dent is too deep.

The most common dents fixed are the size of a golf ball and under. Most (about 95%) minor dents can be repaired. About 5% of minor dents can’t be fixed due to depth or location. Areas such as some quarter panel opening lips, some forward areas of heavily braced hoods, or the very edges of some panels are examples of bad locations.



Ever hear the saying “Image is everything”? Most people judge a car by its appearance. If it looks good they assume it has been well taken care of. Used car dealers and wholesalers know this. They also know what they spend on PDR will make them many times over what they spend, and will help them sell the car quicker. If you’re selling your car, PDR is one of the best ways to get top dollar, more interested buyers, and a quicker sale.


Call Us @ 910.769.0503 for a list of actual customers who have used our Paintless Dent Repair service.  You will receive an eMail with the most important questions to ask about PDR and be able to validate the quality of our services.