How Using Non-Scratch Pads on Your Vehicle Will Cost You Thousands in Damaged Paint Repair


How Using Non-Scratch Pads on Your Vehicle Will Cost You Thousands in Damaged Paint Repair

Non-Scratch Pads & Sponges are not intended for auto paint surfaces! Using a $2 sponge on your vehicle’s paint surface will cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to repair. The cost of the repair is determined by the level of aggressiveness used with the scratch pad.

We have customers stop by our facility with dozens of concentrated spots where they used a non-scratch pad to remove tree sap or bug splatters. The end result is never a happy one. The intention was good but the result is devastating.

The Problem Non-Scratch Pads & Sponges Create

Non-scratch pads and sponges are for ceramic tile, bath tubes, cooking pots, some types of sinks, glass, and very hard surfaces.

Non-scratch pads will scratch clear coat, paint surfaces, rims, stainless, chrome bumpers, and high gloss plastics and paints.

DO NOT USE non-scratch pads and sponges on your vehicle!

The Process to Repair Damage from Non-Scratch Pads & Sponges

We cannot spot correct the damaged paint spots caused by non-scratch pads. We must correct the entire panel. Why? If you spot correct, you will end up with high gloss damaged spots in the same exact place. So instead of dull scratch surfaces, you will have shiny scratch surfaces.

Another thing to consider: the concentrated areas usually cannot be totally removed. They can be minimized or hidden but in the right light and at the right angle, you will still see the remnants of the damage.

In severe cases, the treatment will require repainting entire panels. Repainting these panels also requires an enhancement polish on the entire vehicle’s surface so that it will match the shine and gloss of the new paint.

Can you see how the cost to repair the damage from non-scratch pads and sponges is adding up?

Even microfiber towels will scratch your paint when a heavy finger is used in a concentrated area requiring correction to resolve. Why is that?

Clear coat is only the thickness of a post-it-note! When pressure and back and forth motion are applied in concentrated spots, it damages the clear coat and paint very quickly.

With the price tag on vehicles today, you really should seek a professional paint surface detailer to resolve issues before irreparable damage is done to your vehicle.

3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Paint Surface and Reduce the Risk for Damage

  1. When possible, avoid parking under Crape Myrtle, Oak, and Pine Trees.
  2. Gently remove foreign material ASAP before it adheres or hardens on the paint surface.
  3. Use a petro product and gentle, gentle rub the spot, keeping plenty of product on the cloth for lubrication.

With the best of product and care, you will still get some micro-marring, but following these three simple tips and not using non-scratch pads & sponges on your vehicle will save you hundreds, and in some case thousands, of dollars.

When you know better, you do better. Help a friend do better to by sharing this article with other vehicle owners who may be making this costly mistake!

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