Care For Your Vehicle When Traveling or On the Road


Care For Your Vehicle When Traveling or On the Road

The highway is a macabre scene for your vehicle. The road contains corrosive salts, toxic chemicals, thousands of insects splatters, bird droppings, sand, metal, rocks, rubber, and road kill hitting your vehicle at 70+ MPH for hundreds of miles.

All of these components cause damage to your exterior paint surface. Some can be remedied and some will be more long term.

1. After you’ve arrived at your destination get a quick high pressured rinse at a non-contact self-car wash to get your exterior free from debris. Use a bug and grime removal spray.
2. Use a Quick Detailer spray with a microfiber towel on side mirrors, windshield, front end, and rocker panels. You would be amazed at how this simple step can protect your vehicle.
3. It is recommended to keep a fresh sealant on the exterior paint surface to improve hydrophobic properties to reduce bonding of exterior contaminants.
4. When you return home have the exterior professionally detailed by you or your local detailer.

Think – Detail – Drive!