Auto Clay Bar Treatment


Auto Clay Bar Treatment

Magic of Clay Bar Treatment – Claying

The clay bar is an amazing product that still incites heated debates among auto enthusiasts as to exactly how the process works. Does it really matter how it works, Just trust us when we state that it does work and that is what is important.


Claying your paint has 4 important benefits…

  1. Claying safely removes Above Surface Bonded Contaminants
  2. Claying paint enables your choice of wax, sealant, and coating to better bond to the paint.
  3. Claying paint restores a silky, smooth, and clean surface
  4. Claying paint makes polishing easier, more effective and safer


Claying safely removes Above Surface Bonded Contaminants

Using a clay bar is the most effective way to remove contaminants from your car’s paint. Some people opt for heavy polishing with an orbital buffer or a spinning polisher, but taking this route without using a clay bar first can actually be worse for your car’s paint job. The reason is, you have to polish A LOT to remove most of the contaminants that are stuck in the paint. This in turn reduces the thickness of your clear coat. Do this often enough and you risk burning through the clearcoat. In which case, your paint could be in serious danger of failure.


Claying paint enables your choice of wax, sealant, and coating to better bond to the paint.

Claying a car will easily remove almost all contaminants from your paint, safely, and without having to polish too much into the clear coat. If you still need to polish the clear coat, doing so AFTER you’ve treated the vehicle with a good car clay allows for very minimal polishing, thus extending the life of the clear coat. Not only that, but the final job will look better and will be easier to do since the clay barring part is actually really simple.


Use A Clay Bar On A Brand New Car.

There are car enthusiasts who are aware of the benefits of using clay bar for cars but have no idea of how beneficial it can be to go through the process on a brand new car. Yes, a brand new car! The fact of the matter is, brand new cars arrive with all kinds of contaminants in the paint – Everything from rail dust, to factory contaminants, salt from shipping and other things that you don’t want in the paint. If you go and seal/wax the paint without going through the process of using a clay bar to clean the paint, you are basically keeping all those contaminants in there. If you ask us, this sounds even worse when in reference to a new car. You want your new car to be perfect and clean, right?


The process is more necessary on older cars. Cars that spend a lot of time in the sun, or sleep outside at night are more susceptible to paint contaminants than those that are not exposed to the elements as much. You’ll also find that the top section of your car (hood, roof and trunk lid) get the highest amount of contaminants. Stuff basically lies on top and contaminates the paint more than on the side panels. The hood takes the grunt of the attack. The heat of the engine opens the pores of the paint more so than the roof or trunk lid, making it the most contaminated part of your car.


How Clay Bar Treatment Minimizes Paint Contamination.

If you have never had your car clay barred, we can guarantee almost 100% that you will be able feel these contaminants. In fact, if you wash and wax your car, even after using a paint cleaner, you can feel the rough surface over the paint. And that’s even AFTER waxing. It’s something that puzzles many inexperienced car detailing enthusiasts. They can’t understand why the paint is so rough and why those little bits of impurities didn’t disappear with the wax job. Well, there you have it. You have to use a clay bar to clean those off.


Clay Bar Quality Differences

We use quality clay bars and when we are done you’ll have a perfectly clean surface ready to be polished and treated with premium wax. The final job will look better and the wax will last longer.

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