All Interior Cleanings Are Not The Same!


All Interior Cleanings Are Not The Same!

First, why does your vehicle need an interior cleaning? 


Have you ever thought about how much time we spend alone or with others in such a tight cabin that is literally smaller than 64 square feet?


Did you know your car contains all of the following and much more? 

  • germs, mold, organic matter
  • shedding skin, body oils, & sneeze droplets
  • food, crumbs, candy, stains, spills
  • sand, pebbles, leaves
  • wrappers, trash, tooth picks
  • nicotine, ashes, oil
  • and beyond…

Depending on your driving habits and personal level of cleanliness, it is a healthy and wise decision to get your vehicle cleaned regularly.


What should an interior detail achieve? What are you actually getting at local car wash sites?

You generally get the following:

  • Floors mats get removed & vacuumed
  • Carpet is vacuumed
  • Interior is wiped down with a cloth and silicone-dressed
  • Glass is cleaned


What just happened? Nothing got cleaned! 


Surface debris got vacuumed, interior dirt and germs got pushed around and suppressed by an oily dressing, and the film was removed from the glass.


What Does an Interior Detailing from Dangerous Curves Cover?

  1. Floor mats removed, vibrated & air purged, washed, odor removed, and brushed.
  2. Interior cabin air vibrated & purged. Every crevice, nook, cranny, is purged.
  3. Interior cabin is air blasted. Hood to trunk, under dash, seats, and console until we see NO dust or dirt exiting the vehicle.
  4. All interior jams [doors, hood, trunk] are pressure washed to remove dirt, dust, grease, mold.
  5. Each door panel, seat, console, dash, track, arm rest is pressure steamed at 320 degrees to loosen and get all impurities, oils, dirt, and grime out of textured areas, fabric, vinyls, headliner, thresholds, pedals, steering wheel, gear shifter, cup holders.
  6. Compressed air is used to blow out all wet crevices.
  7. All Interior cabin hard, nonporous surfaces are treated with a disinfectant (antimicrobial chemicals that destroy or eliminate most pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms) sprayer to eliminate and neutralize germs.
  8. All carpets, headliner, fabrics are sprayed with an odor-neutralizer and pressure steamed.
  9. All interior hard, nonporous surfaces are treated and conditioned with our very own “in house” conditioner and coating that leaves surfaces rich, smooth, matte finish, and will last up to 90 days. 
  10. Vanity mirrors, gages, rearview mirror, and chrome are all cleaned.
  11. Carpets and floor mats vacuumed and brushed.
  12. Door jams cleaned and wiped down.
  13. Glass is cleaned top – down. 


Now you choose: do you want value or quality?